This E-Bike tour goes all region and shows you more than National Park and touristy places. We visit local people and stay with them! We eat from locals and experience the local life and areas. 2 days out of National Park, 4 days in National Park. 

With this spectacular tour you will experience :

With this spectacular tour you will experience :

* Visit local families and stay with them
*Eat from locals and talk with them
*See all region not only touristy sites
*E-bikes give bikers power and more time to explore
*Electric bikes give bikers a helping hand or push to get them up and over valleys
*Keep up with friends
*you dont need fitness level 
*More distance in short time.
*Freely explore a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE landscape,
*Ride your bike into the valleys,
*Dive into the history of Cappadocia,
*Take great pictures at the best spots,
*Ride over volcanic lands, 
*Jump into the history and nature,
*Discover hidden caves and churches

Tour itinenary :

DAY 1:

We pick up you from airport and take you to hotel. Tonight we meet each other and having an info dinner about the upcoming week, talking about bike routes and also local tips about area. 
Dinner and overnight stay in a Turkish private house or in a 6-bed cave room, shared bathroom. We will have food from family that we stay together.

DAY 2 :

We visit soğanlı Valley by foot and learn the great history behind There are many old historical rockcut churches and abandoned houses . 

We start to ride from our pension and see new village. There are still people living in caves here. We picture them and amazing valley 

Today we focus on more locals, history and countryside of Cappadocia. Thanks to e-bikes we can see hidden places and amazing views . We will visit old greek villages and talk about population exchange between Türks and Greeks. We will finish tour in old greek town Mustafapaşa. 
Today we ride asfalt, dirtroads and some singletrails. It is warming up and cultural day.

Dinner and overnight stay in a Turkish private house or in a 6-bed cave room, shared bathroom. We will have food from family that we stay together.

DAY 3: 

After breakfast we have a transfer 1 hour to Red Church. We will visit fifth-century Red Church. We start riding a loop around the mountain, upon which nomadic people graze their sheep and live there. We can talk and spend time with them. We also see lakes on top of the mountain and chance to swim in summer. Later we continue riding  downhill to Güzelyurt village where we have lunch. We will try local traditional foods here.
Güzelyurt village is also historical old Greek village. From here we will ride to Belisırma village and have drinks in the middle of Ihlara Valley. From here we will ride 7 km of singletrack through the famous Ihlara valley. We will end our ride with amazing fairy chimneys,the“Star Wars” rock formations. Then we finish riding in Selime village, where we can also visit Selime Castle. After that we have a short transfer back to the hotel.
Overnight in : Old Greek Mansion with Amazing View of Hasan Volcano.

DAY 4: 

Today’s rides goes to Kavak village with a 1 hour transfer. We visit an underground city, which is optional. From Kavak village we start downhill, first on a dirt road then on singletrack downhill. This singletrack downhill feels like riding on moonscape and it looks like a naturalBMX trail. We ride this downhill to Gomeda Valley. Riding Gomeda and Üzengi Valleys is Cappadociıa’s best singletrack adventure, full of fun. In the middle of the valley we take a break,then climb to Ortahisar for lunch.
After lunch we go down to Balkandere Valley and ride to another village called İbrahimpaşa. From here we go up to Gemil hill and ride down to Zemi Valley, one of the best rides in Cappadocia. Its known as ‘’ pump track of Cappadocia.”. Zemi valley has a nice flowy singletrack trail among the poplar trees! Then we keep going to 2007 European XC cup course through Görkündere. This course is like natural BMX track with lots of rocks and lines. Then we finish our ride in Göreme.
Overnight in Göreme National Park. Rest of the days you stay same hotel and we make loops in National Park.

DAY 5 :  

Today is rest day and hot air balloon flight day. Hot air balloon flight is one of the highlight of the region, highly recommended.The biggest balloon operation in the World! 
Today we will start at 10:30 am. We have a short but amazing ride today. We go up to Uçhisar town, through Göreme Panorama. We ride at the edge of Pigeon Valley. When we reach to Uçhisar we can make a break at wonderful view. After break we will ride singletrack downhill through Pigeon valley and then we keep riding on the spectacular singletrack downhill of Love Valley. At the end of the valley we have another break. After then we ride on dirtroads and rocks among the vineyards to Uçhisar town and ride a final singletrack of the day.

DAY 6 : 

We stay in National Park and ride famous trails today. We go to see Görkündere Valley which was European XCO Mountain Biking Championship course in 2007. Then we ride to Swords Valley to visit some caves and old churches.
And then we make up to Meskendir Ridge. Then prepare for another great singletrack downhill. End of the downhill we ride through Rose Valley and (visit Column Church.) Red Valley where we will have our lunch. We rest and enjoy the fabulous view of Red Valley.
Later on we are heading to Balcon Trail, one of best singletrack trails in Cappadocia. We ride downhill around 5K. We will be riding at the edge of valleys and around fairy chimneys. Then we fınd ourself at Çavuşin village. Then we ride back to Göreme with full adventure.
DAY 7:

Starting at 09:30 am, we are riding to Çavuşin village. And from here we climb up to Bozdağ mountain! Its not easy one but its possible to bike up there or hike with bike around 20 minutes. Bozdağ is the highest point in Goreme National Park! We take pictures and enjoy the view of the national park. There is a nice long singletrack trail up there and nice singletrack downhill to Iimagination Valley. From there we ride on 10 km of asphalt Ürgüp for lunch at a local restaurant.
After lunch we ride on dirt roads up to Sunset Viewpoint. Then we ride to Rose Valleys for a nice view and to relax in a nice cafe. There are old style caves and rockcut churches to visit! We finish the day in Göreme. If somebody wants to keep going more last riding day it is also possible thanks to E-bikes. We can go for more ride or famous trails of people. We finish day with happiness in Göreme.
DAY 8: 

Transfer to airport


DISTANCE: 250 km Total

2700 Euros per person with FULL SUSPENSION E-BIKES
2500 Euros per person with Hardtail E-BIKES